We're Back

Ok, so we're officially home from the honeymoon and officially exhausted. It's 11 pm right now; and we get to get up at 8 tomorrow morning to move all of our stuff into our new apartment. At least, all the important stuff. Like furniture and my kitchenaid. really, the only furniture I need is a bed and an oven and I'm good! haha.

Spencer and I just went nuts today. We had a great time on the trip but we just wanted to come home! I hadn't seen my dog in like a week and it was driving me insane!

Anyway, expect to see pictures and details in a couple days here!


Here we are!

Ok. so this is me starting a blog for my soon-to-be husband and I. You may have guessed, I'm Caitie and he is Spencer. We're getting married next saturday; September 20th, 2008. Neither of us could possibly be happier! We both believe that we were meant to be together and everything for this marriage has fallen into place so well it's like the world is giving us a big thumbs-up on getting married. Hopefully we'll be disciplined enough to keep this going! Love you all!