Ok, so for the last couple weeks I've been making my own jewelry. I feel so much better when I'm creating something. All of these pieces I've sold, but as soon as I have some pieces to spare they're going to be going up on Etsy! I've been pretty successful so far, and it's really fun to come up with my own designs. Here's what I've been up to lately!

Here are some gold chain maille earrings. Pretty simple

These are some filagree lilies. They were the first thing I made. I liked the contrast between the copper and the green

Here's a gold chain maille ring I made. I was pretty proud of it. There's a closeup too. :)

These are my peacock bead stud earrings

These are shooting star earrings, made with swarovski crystals. I was particularly proud of these. :)

This is my current masterpiece. Took me between 3-4 hours to make but it was worth it. I'm so proud of it. It's a bracelet and for those of you who are skeptics: Yes, I made the chain by hand.

Anyway, soon I'll be able to put some stuff on Etsy. For now though, I'm just selling to friends and coworkers, mainly because they all keep claiming stuff before I have a chance to list it! It's a great feeling though. :)


The Next Step

I've decided to start designing and making my own jewelry to sell. I had a booth at Taylorsville Dayzz and I didn't have a sign (my bad) and every time someone came into the booth they would ask "did you make this?" and each time I was just filled with this sense of shame that I hadn't. So I'm going to. I've made a pair of earrings that have been sold to someone else but I'm making another couple pair, if anyone is interested. I'm thinking I'll sell my stuff on etsy to start out with!

The house is still coming along. We just have to put the finishing touches on the office and it will be finished!