Matthew Jewkes "Bud" Cherished dad, son, brother, grandson, and friend, Matthew Garth Jewkes passed away Friday, November 5, 2010. Born February 20, 1969 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Married Mindy Long Jewkes who preceded him in death. Graduate of Cottonwood High, 1987 and Utah Police Academy. Police Officer South Salt Lake 17 years. Survived by Larry and Jeanne Jewkes (parents), Morgan and Sterling, (brothers), son Mason, Grandmother Hardy and his beloved canine partner, Tyger, and many other family members and close friends. Matt loved his son, family, dirt biking, snowboarding, and Lake Powell.

We'll miss you Matt. I hope you find in the next life the peace you couldn't find here.



Ok, so in all my experience with dogs (which is fairly extensive considering my age) I have never had a female who came into heat more than twice a year, and that was generally on the rare side. My Laborador defies the odds by coming into heat 3-4 times a year and it always catches us off guard. This last time for example. We didn't notice that she was in heat because we were distracted by taking care of a family member in hospice and since it was warm she spent a lot of time outside (cause we weren't home too much). One night we hear this bloodcurdling scream and we go outside and lo and behold she's gotten a tie with the German Shepherd. And 65 days later we had puppies! They're so flipping precious. There are six of them and they are 17 days old today. Their eyes are open, their ears are starting to unseal, they have little bumps along their gums where their teeth are starting to come in, and they are beginning to walk on their paws instead of crawling on their bellies. It's wonderful. The largest of the group is a female we've dubbed Big Mama and she's about 3 pounds. Usually when puppies are born you have to tear the amniotic sac away, clean their face and nose and convince them to breathe. Well Big Mama wasn't about to wait for me to remove the sac; she was squirming the second she came out and hasn't stopped moving since. She walked and opened her eyes before all the other puppies and she has the biggest attitude. She's a huge Diva! The other puppies are about 2.5 pounds with the exception of our little runt. He got his head stepped on about 4 days in (Koda is such a bad mother!) and his head swelled up pretty badly. We didn't think he would make it but he pulled through. He hasn't nursed properly since then so he's not growing like the others. We feed him from a bottle every 3 hours but he's still pretty thin and small; he's about 1.5 pounds. He such a sweet, mellow little guy. We handle him so much that he's really comfortable with us and relaxes very well. He sleeps a lot cause he's so weak. :) Since he's sustained a head injury and is smaller than the others we've named him Kimahri Ronso (Final Fantasy X fans will get the reference). Here are some photos of our babies! Haha I love them so much but Kimahri is definitely my favorite. I just adore him! Here are some pictures; the pics that all have just one puppy in them are pictures of Kimahri. :)