Busy Weekend!

So this last weekend, Spencer's oldest brother Jeremy came into town along with his daughter, Winter. She's 7 years old; Spence hadn't seen her in 5 years and I had never met her, so it was fun to be able to spend a couple days with them. On friday we all got together and had family pictures taken. I don't have the disc yet but when I do I'll upload them because we are a pretty good looking family! It was Spencer's parents; his brothers Mike, Shaun and Jeremy, Jeremy's daughter Winter, and then Spencer and I. It was kind of stressful getting us all set up for the pictures but it was fun and we have some cute pics to show for it. Saturday morning Jeremy was running the Utah Valley Marathon down in Provo. So EARLY saturday morning we all loaded into our cars and drove down to Provo! We were there at the finish line when Jeremy ran through: 26.2 miles in 3 hours, 11 minutes and 33 seconds! That's got to be a personal record!

Jeremy just after finishing

Winter with her dad's medal

On the way back into the valley, Spencer, his brother Mike, and I stopped at Ikea for breakfast. They have these HUGE breakfast plates that come with eggs, potatoes, bacon, and french toast sticks for $1.99! I'm not kidding! So after a nice breakfast we dropped off Mike and went back to the house for a while, then went over to his parents' house for lunch. We had salmon and potatoes and broccoli and it was yummy.

Winter with Grandpa Kevin

Sunday morning Spencer, Mike, Jeremy, Winter and I all went up to Liberty Park to wear out Winter for the drive back home to Vegas. She played on the playground for most of the morning, then we went down to the rides area. We went on the ferris wheel and the swings, then we all got snowcones. We walked across the bridge to a gazebo in the middle of the lake, and sat watching people play with dogs and feed the seagulls. Then we all said goodbye and Jeremy and Winter started the long drive back down to Nevada. It was a pretty good weekend and I'm so glad I got to meet Winter because she is just a doll!


Baking Time

So last weekend Spencer and I picked up our shares from the food Co-op. along with all our meat and grains and stuff we also got a bunch of bananas and a couple zucchini. You know what thats means: BREAD! I'm also trying out a new recipe that I wrote myself....for those of you familiar with Great Harvest Bread Company, you might have tasted their raspberry white chocolate bread, which is aboslutely the definition of divine. Well I was not able to find a copycat recipe so I figured, meh, how hard could it be? So I'm using my vast knowledge of bread-y secrets (right) to try and do it myself. So monday is most likely going to be banana-zucchini-and-chocolate-bread-day for my coworkers, unless of course my oven explodes or the munchy fairy eats all of it and there's none left for anyone else..... If my recipe is a raging success (and if you're good) then maybe I'll post it on here. For the world (more like all three of you who read this) to see.