A Call to Serve...dinner

So today at church they mentioned that they were looking for people to help serve in the kitchens. I've filled out an application and gotten my references together and hopefully they'll call me for an interview. God has given me a talent for cooking, and I'm hoping that this will be an opportunity that will open itself up for me to serve! I would like everyone to please pray for me, that God's will would be done and that doors would open up for me to serve. Also, please pray that I would be able to put my own will aside and follow where God would lead me. I'm very excited for this new opportunity, to potentially use God's gift to help spread His word!



So the weirdest thing happened today. I was on my home from work today and I got pummeled out of nowhere by a bunch of wayward balloons! They were tied to the sign at my apartment complex to attract people's attention. Well I was walking by and all of a sudden the wind shifted! These balloons (4 or 5 BIG balloons!)started banging against me! I was surrounded by balloons! and then something equally weird happened: I started laughing like a little kid. I had more fun in 3 seconds of balloon-bashing then I've had in a long time. It was just so pure; I literally felt like I was 5 years old. It's amazing how the older you get the less fascinating things are; the less magical they become. We get so bogged down in bills and schedules and responsibilites and life, and we start to feel that enjoying simple things makes us simple. Or it doesn't even occur to us that simple things are worth enjoying. But we can't let those little moments pass us by. They're so important. I fully experienced one of those little moments today. And I hope I have the wisdom to recognize the next one when it comes along.


Birthdays and Rebirth-days

Like that title? I came up with that all on my own. Easter was pretty good, all around. We started off the day by going to my church and hearing an awesome sermon (as usual) from Pastor Terry. I had called my mom in the morning and convinced her to show up to church (she wasn't going to come) so I got to see my mom for the first time in a month or so. We ended up going out for a nice lunch after church, and we had a fun time catching up. After lunch Spence and I went over to visit my dad and play with the dog a bit. I miss that dog so much! I brought dad an easter basket filled with diet soda and sugar-free candy (he's diabetic) and he enjoyed it. He particularly liked using the basket as a hat. I had so much fun playing with that dog; I watched her shred a stuffed animal and fed her some treats and was sad to have to leave! Here's my baby girl smilin' at me!
After that we went to Spencer's parents' house for Easter dinner. I had made Easter baskets for his parents and his brothers and they all loved them. Dinner was fantastic; ham, cheesy potatoes (my favorite), broccoli, grean beans, and rolls. For dessert we had cream puffs and chocolate-dipped strawberries that Lana made herself! Yum! Monday was my niece Sophia's second birthday! Jessica invited us over after work for a little party, and we had a blast catching up and seeing the kids! I love them so much!



Well I finally got my medicine. Yay! I'm feeling SO much better now. I haven't had a panic attack in 5 days, I'm not dizzy, and I'm sleeping better. If feels so good to not be up and down emotionally so much! Not much has happened in the last few weeks other than getting my meds. Spencer and I are just really enjoying our time together alone as a couple. It's really great. Although I can't wait to get a dog, I do admit that it is nice not to have to take care of one. And when Spencer's ready we'll get one and it will be great. We spend a lot of our time reading and watching tv together; the couch isn't quite big enough for the two of us which results in a lot of foot-fights. After 6 months the novelty of living with someone new still hasn't worn off, and it really is just like a massive sleepover with laundry thrown in. It's so great living with my best friend. We plan on waiting for at least another two years before having children, if not longer. It's important to us to just spend this time together before we bring another life into the mix. But we're enjoying ourselves. It's quite the adventure.