Viva Le Entrepreneurship!

Well, it's official: I now own my own business! Now I don't own the company, but it's essentially a franchise and it's MINE! I have decided to do independent sales for a jewelry company called Park Lane. They are the country's #1 party planning jewelry sales company. I have fallen in love with the jewelry and I have such a passion for it and a belief in it. I'm so excited! I'm already 80% of the way towards making my first sales goal! If you want to place an order or just check out the jewelry, you can go to www.myparklane.com/caitlinmiller orders are of course appreciated, and if you have any questions you can email me at mrscaitiemiller@aol.com or call me at 801-647-7776. I love hearing from people about this! There's also a special going on right now where you can save hundreds of dollars off your order and even get jewelry for free! Gimme a call and I'll explain how it works!

I'm also having a lauch show on friday, May 7th at 7:00 pm. It's a great opportunity to bring your mom with you and buy her a lovely gift for Mother's Day! And remember we also have men's jewelry as well! Give me a call and I'll tell you all about it!

Awesome day

Yesterday was an awesome day. I had so much fun! First, Spencer and I went to church and got to hear a sermon from Pastor Jim, since Pastor Terry was still stuck in Europe because of the volcano. It was nice to hear Pastor Jim speak. He's kind of excitable, but in a different way than Terry, so it made it fun. After church Spencer and I went home and we had some bread that was starting to mold so we went out to feed it to the chickens. I love the chickens so much; they're so fun. If they know you have food they will follow you around the yard like a little herd. They even followed me up onto the deck. Then I went to collect eggs and there were some eggs that were hot to the touch they were so fresh! It was such a cool experience. Then I made dinner. I decided to try a new recipe. I made almond-crusted halibut with a buerre blanc sauce. It was tasty. I mean, of course it would be tasty, the sauce was comprised entirely of white wine, butter and cream. After dinner I decided to take Bowser for a walk. He behaved himself so well on the leash! I was impressed. It was a great day.


Bowser's Namesake

This weekend Spencer and I were walking around Sugarhouse and we passed one of those Play N Trade stores. We might not have a lot of money in the budget for entertainment right now, but we felt compelled to go in. When we did we discovered that not only did they have an original NES but a bunch of games for it. We got the NES, the original Metroid, and the ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros (with Duck Hunt) for $50. It was a pretty great deal we thought. So we get home and we're playing Mario Bros and at the end of the first world, the boss you fight is a freakin-sweet 8-bit Bowser!

So I yell across the house "Mom, get in here!" and she comes running in. I explain to her that this is the original Bowser after whom we named the dog. He's a big tough guy that causes a lot of collateral damage, but he's not necessarily evil, just misunderstood. So she's looking at the two Bowsers (mine doesn't breathe fire though, thank God) and she says "Ok, I get why you wanted to name him Bowser. It's perfect for him!" And it's true. I'm glad I named him Boswer cause it fits him perfectly!