Evelyn's First Birthday!

Evelyn's First Birthday was celebrated ALL WEEK LONG! We started out on Sunday, celebrating with my dad and his girlfriend Sue, and her daughter Kate (confusing, I know). We went out to brunch and then went back to Sue's house for cake and presents. Evie got an activity cube and a book on first words, and a new outfit, She also got her first taste of cake!

Evelyn's actual birthday was on Tuesday and was pretty quiet. Spencer had work and I had school. But throughout the day we reminded Evie that it was her special day and gave her lots of extra love. Spence brought home a cupcake after work and we sang to her and had a little mini-celebration before bed.

and yes, she is eating the cupcake wrapper and not the cupcake.

The BIG party came on saturday. We hung up lots of polka dot balloons and streamers and made snacks and hung a balloon on the railing outside our front door. I made a polka dot tutu out of tulle and pompoms (Thanks GOD for pinterest!) and we had a special bib that said "ms. one-derful". We ordered a smash cake and invited friends and family to come and spend the afternoon with us. We also had something special planned: while people were there, we had them each write a letter to Evelyn either with a memory or making a prediction about her future, and all those letters are going in a time capsule to be opened on her 18th birthday! Such a fun idea-I'm so excited. I'm going to tease her with it as she grows up. After the party we were cleaning up and the doorbell rang, it was our neighbors Robin and Scott. They had seen the balloon outside and figured out it was Evelyn's birthday, so they wanted to bring by a gift and a card. It was really humbling because they don't have much, so it was a widow's mite type of gift. It's a little stuffed monkey and Evelyn loves it. She smiles and gives it kisses and laughs. After they left we decided to end the day by cutting the balloon and setting it free. It was a wonderful day.