You Know You're A Mom When...

~You're proud of someone for burping
~You say "I slept all night!" and it was really for three hours
~Your Google search is filled with "is it normal when my baby..."
~You open every single car door before you get everyone/everything you need out
~Someone asks you what you want for a present and you say "diapers!"
~Someone points out you have spitup on your clothes and you just shrug
~It takes an hour and 15 minutes to get ready to go somewhere and you only spend 10 of those minutes getting yourself ready
~You can find the pacifier and then have the pacifier find the mouth without opening your eyes
~You seriously consider buying a new car just because it would be easier to fit the stroller into
~Your "me time" consists of cleaning
~You finally find time to shower and forget to take your clothes off first
~You grab your cell phone and try to feed it to the baby because you're too damn tired to realize it's not a bottle
~You sniff your baby's butt to see if she needs to be changed-without even considering that that might be weird
~You have to set alarms to remind yourself to eat because you keep forgetting


Happy Due Date To Me

So today, March 2nd, was my official due date, and my little joy is 5 weeks old. She really is such a joy to me. I'm still having a really hard time adjusting, but it's getting easier. Most of the time I feel like its two steps forward, one step back. I guess this is normal. I don't have any problem with her; I love her like crazy. I just am having some really conflicting and difficult feelings about myself. Hmm. But what's such a blessing is that even though.

Evie is supposed to be 5 weeks behind in terms of development, she's actually on track where a full-term baby would be! She really is such a joy to take care of. She's completely gorgeous (which I'm morally obligated to say but it happens to be true). And she never cries. She'll start to fuss a little bit when she needs something but the only time she's ever screamed was one time when I was trying to suction-clean out her nose and she was not happy about it at all. And she soothes SO easily! She doesn't like the process of getting in her car seat/carrier but as soon as she's in she calms down. Or she'll start to fuss and I'll pick her up and she calms right down. She self-soothes too. If she's upset about something she'll stick her fingers in her mouth and suck on them. Hasn't quite figured out how to get her thumb in there though. She still sleeps in our bed, but she spends a little time in her crib each day so that she gets used to spending time alone in a room and it's easier to transition her out of our bed. I'll put her down and go in to check on her and she'll by lying there wide awake just taking it all in. Looking around and hanging out. And last night she was fussing when I put her in her crib, so I turned on a little fountain that we have on top of her dresser, and she loved the sound of the water flowing over the little rocks, and calmed right down. She's such a quiet, fun, good baby. And she sleeps SO soundly! TV, people talking, dogs barking, moving her; none of it wakes her up. Definitely an easy keeper!