I'm Impatient

So I've seen all my doctors and I'm waiting for my IUD to come out. I've been on prenatals for 3 months now and I've lost some weight. I'm getting my body ready to be pregnant! I've weaned off of most of my medications, but there were some that were still in question. My doctor called the Pregnancy Risk Hotline to double check on my meds, but she wanted me to call on my own and confirm. So I called them and went over my situation and they said that I'd be high risk and the doctor would have to monitor my blood pressure and weight gain, but that I was good to go! I'm SO excited! And I called the doctor's office and they had a cancellation so instead of having to wait til the 2nd to have my IUD taken out, it's coming out TOMORROW! I can't even believe it!


The Next Step

Well, Spence and I have been talking. And my doctors and I have been talking. I’m really feeling like I’m ready for the next step in our lives together, and Spence is starting to feel like he is too! Which really amazes me, cause he’s been fighting me on this for over a year now. J After a couple months weaning off my medication, and after about half a dozen visits to various doctors, and after a few months already on prenatal vitamins, I am READY to get pregnant! I’m having my IUD taken out June 2nd and we’re going to start trying to get pregnant. I am SO excited! Having our first child is going to be such a HUGE step forward for our relationship and for our family. But we’ve prayed and prepared and I’ve been taking better care of my body in anticipation of having to care for someone else. I’m really hoping to get pregnant right away but I know that it will happen according to God’s plan for me and for our family. I know Spencer will make a wonderful father and I hope I will do well as a mother. I guess we’ll find out!