Ok so since Bowser is the newest member of the family and quite the character, I decided to do a post about him. He has such a great little personality and I just want to share some of his quirks.

He refuses to set his butt down on anything that's not soft. if we tell him to sit, he'll seek out a rug or bed or laundry pile and THEN he'll sit. He loves sleeping on our recliner, but since he can't get up on his own, he'll ask. Kind of. He'll stand in front of the chair and growl at it until someone comes and lifts him up onto it. When he's finished with his nap, he'll growl at the floor til someone comes to put him down.

He enjoys going to the dog park but when we take him he's KINDA interested in the other dogs (particularly dogs with flat faces, he seems to relate to them) but he's much more interested in the people. We can't leave until he goes up to every person there and has them pet him at least once.

He doesn't sit back on his haunches. He sits with his back legs sticking through his front legs, like a person would sit. And because we taught him to sit before we feed him, whenever he's hungry he'll come sit right in front of you. And we taught him to high-five (which is just adorable) so if he wants a treat he'll come and start pawing at you, like "I'm doing a trick; where's my treat!"

When he was smaller he used to be able to fit under the couch. He can't anymore of course, but he still tries. All he can get under there now is his head and that's getting so fat as it is that it probably won't last for long.

He LOVES the fire. Whenever we build a fire, it doesn't matter how hot it is, he'll sit RIGHT in front of it and just stare at it. When the fire dies and cools we'll catch him eating charcoal, which we really don't approve of. But it doesn't matter how warm the room is, if there's a fire going, he has to be there. Whenever Spencer tries to build a fire, Bowser will try to climb into the fireplace and help. It's so sweet.

Now that his adult teeth are in, he's starting to get quite the underbite! It's so cute to see his bottom teeth sticking through his lips when his mouth is closed. It's just absolutely adorable.

When I lie flat on my back, he's discovered that his chin fits perfectly into my eye socket. So he'll use my face as a chin rest.

He hates having his nails clipped. Even though we don't his quick and we don't hurt him, he still doesn't like it one bit. When we're finished, he'll go into the bedroom and sit between the open door and the wall facing the corner, and he'll pout. It's so ridiculous. It's like, "I know you didn't feel a damn thing so stop trying to play that trick. But nice try." It takes him all night to forgive us, but by morning he acts like nothing at all happened.

He likes climbing on the back of the couch to see out the window. The other day he was looking outside and just watching cars go by and Spencer said to him "You wanna go outside boy? You can't, it's glass." and he tapped on the glass. It was so funny cause as soon as Bowser realized he couldn't get through, he started growling at the window.

Oh and he loves having his belly rubbed. Whenever we have company, the first thing he does is roll over on his back so they'll rub his stomach.

He is just the funniest dog. His temperment and personality are just great for our little family. I love having and We absolutely adore him.