Merry Christmas!

Considering how poor we are, we really had a wonderful holiday! For Christmas Eve dinner we went to Spencer's parents' house. We all had a great time spending the evening with family. Evelyn had so much fun playing with her grandpa Kevin, and we even got to open some presents early!

Evie with grandpa Kevin

Among the other gifts that Evie got, she got a rocking horse! It even whinnies and shakes it's head and tail! It's pretty cool. She also got a walker, which she started using today. She grabbed ahold of it, climbed up, and started walking!

This was our first Christmas with Evelyn and we're so glad to have her here. She really makes our family complete. It was a very merry christmas.


Winter Break

A couple Saturdays ago, Spencer, Evie and I went to the festival of trees. We didn't make it through the whole thing (it is huge after all) but we had a great time. Evie had fun seeing the trees while she was awake, though honestly she slept through most of it. We saw some really beautiful trees and heard lots of inspiring and touching stories while we were there. It made me think of time I spent at Primary children's when I was little and my experiences there. And even though Evie wasn't at Primary children's, it made me think of her time in the hospital too. I teared up a lot. I'd really like to decorate and donate a tree some year, when we have a little more money. By which I mean, when we have money period. Today I took my last final exam. I'm finished with my first semester! I'm so happy. This is really the first semester that I've been successful and I'm grateful for the support I received during this process. And while I'm excited for Christmas (as always) I'm REALLY looking forward to next semester. I'll be taking my first art history course, which should be interesting, and I'm thrilled that I'll be taking my first photography course as well! I want to say I can't wait to start this journey of discovering the artist in me, but that would be saying that this semester didn't play a part in that process, when really it did. This semester helped me realize what my passion is and what it is that I love. And that's an important role. So really, I'm thrilled to be continuing in the process of self-discovery.