Happy Birthday to ME

On Thursday, August 13th, I gracefully transitioned from the immature, party-hardy age of 21 to the responsible, somewhat-respectable age of 22. I think I'm going to like 22 a lot better honestly! Maybe people will take me a little more seriously now...

On wednesday night, Spencer and I got together with my dad and he took us out for a nice dinner. Afterwards we went back to my dad's house and he surprised me with a cake and Season 4 of House! I suppose it's not TOO surprising, considering it was my birthday and he's my dad, but honestly I was just expecting dinner! It was such a pretty cake; Dad didn't have any regular candles, just these ones shaped like tropical fish we've used like 4 years in a row now. We could only fit three on top of the cake, so we stuck the fourth one to the side. nothing like a fish, set on fire, stuck to a cake to make the day complete!

Thursday night Spencer was able to get off work a little early, and we went out to dinner with some of my friends at Buca di Beppo. I LOVE that restaurant! We had a great time hanging out; I got a peach bellini (yum!) and a limoncello martini! Probably the most entertaining part of the night was when someone accidentally started a domino effect with like 4 glasses on the table, culminating in my martini ending up in my lap! I could NOT stop laughing! The server laughed and said that since I took it so well she'd get me another drink for free! And of course Spencer and I HAD to get a tiramisu to take home with us!

Spencer and I waited til Friday to have our own celebration; we'd stuffed ourselves so much with cake and desserts on wed and thurs that we couldn't stand another cake on thursday night! So friday afternoon Spencer gave me the cake he got for me: it was PERFECT! It was a little 7.5 inch cake that looked kinda like a lopsided cube and it was just so awesome for two people! I absolutely loved it! Spencer got me a potato ricer (I promised to make homemade gnocchi), a magnetic cow for the fridge, a tiny stuffed cow that's supposed to be a screen wipe but I can't bear the thought of getting it dirty, and a really nice hookup to play my ipod in my car. For some reason my tape deck doesn't work so he found me one that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It was such an awesome birthday!


The Tao of Ben

So some of you will remember my mom's friend Ben, who's from the Ukraine. He has no personal filter, and everything he says comes out un-edited. It's quite entertaining. Here's the most recent conversation they had:

Ben (imagine the russian accent): Katya pregnant yet?

Mom: No Ben, Katya is not pregnant yet.

Ben: She been married this boy now one year. Why she no pregnant yet? Something wrong with her?

Mom: No Ben, nothing's wrong with her.

Ben: Why she get married she no want children?

Mom: Because she loves him very much, and they just want to spend time together before they have children.

Ben: oh ::sigh:: America. I'm no understand these things.


5 Weeks To Go!

I am getting SO EXCITED I can't even stand it! In 5 weeks Spencer and I will be leaving for the best anniversary trip ever! We will be going to Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and Barcelona baby! We will be gone for 12 glorious days. We didn't think we would be able to take this trip but everything is going smoothly and I just CANNOT WAIT! I have never been anywhere overseas before; Spencer and I both had to get our passports special for this trip. It's going to be awesome!


Park City Arts Festival

On saturday, Spencer and I went up to Park City with my mom. We started out our day early and I learned my lesson not to drive on the freeway during construction! We were running a few minutes late, so instead of taking surface street like we normally do I hopped onto I-215. The last time I was on 215 the roads were clear, so I was a bit surprised to see that like 3 or 4 lanes were blocked off by barrels for a construction zone. For anyone who's not familiar with the onramp at 4700 south, it's a one-lane ramp that starts facing east and curves around into almost a complete circle to go northbound. Well It's like 7:40 in the morning and I'm trying to get on the ramp, and there's a guy on a motorcycle behind me. He's like 2 feet off my bumper, and is actually trying to pass me on the shoulder on the curve. So I'm keeping an eye on him and trying to watch the car in front of me cause they're slowing down to go through the construction zone. Next thing I know Spencer's yelling at me: the car in front of us had come to a dead stop. Well I couldn't merge left into traffic because the guy on the motorcycle was still in my blind spot on the left. So I had three options: go left and hit the motorcycle. Go straight and hit the car. Or go right, and hit the construction zone. I went right. Thank God they have those barrels set up! They're great for diffusing speed and energy without damaging your car. I ran over like 6 barrels before I was able to get back into traffic. Let me tell you, I am stay off 215 until that construction is done! And if I ever see that motorcycle driver in my office, you'd better believe he's getting a test...

So we picked up my mom at about 8 and we all went out to breakfast at Dee's. The guy who was our server was named Murray, and he stayed and chatted with us for awhile. He was REALLY nice and we had a good time talking with him. Then we all piled back into the car and started up the canyon. We got to the festival about 10, 10:15 or so. So we start wandering past the booths and seriously like the third booth we come to, we see this woodblock print and we just fall in love with it. I'm standing there thinking to myself, "Gosh I love that. But Spencer would never agree to spend that much money on a piece of art." We'll it turns out Spencer's standing there thinking, "Gosh I love this. But Cait will never agree to it. It's too much money." So we're talking to the artist about this piece and her inspiration and the meaning behind it, and she says "Well I don't know if I want to sell it now. Maybe I want to keep it!" and my mom chimes in, "Oh no, they're buying it!" So Spencer looks at me and asks me what I think, and if I'm ok spending the money on it. I didn't answer him. I just looked at the artist and said "We'll take it!" We hung it up above our bed; we just love it!

We didn't take too many pictures up there but the ones we got were pretty cute. My mom took a picture of Spence and I sitting on the bench next to the bronze bear (if you're in park city, you HAVE to take your picture with the bear!) and with my favorite statue, a Holstein cow outside of Java Cow (and ice cream and coffee shop). I LOVE holstein cows! I don't know why, but there's something about black and white cows that's just so perfect!

All total we were up there for like 5 or 6 hours! Honestly we weren't nearly as sunburned as I expected us to be, but we are a little less pasty than we were a couple days ago! It was so much fun going up the canyon and looking at all the art. I honestly believe you can learn a lot from someone based on their taste in art. And Spencer is just full of surprises! Like, I'll pick out a piece of art that I think he'll love, and he doesn't. and he'll point out something that he loves and it will be something that I wouldn't have picked for him. So it's always interesting to shop for art with someone else. We got a couple pieces on saturday; We got the woodprint for the both of us, and I got a piece as well. It's a photograph of a group of women under a veil out in the desert and it says "To wish you were someone else is to waste the person that you are. Look past the imperfections." I have a rule when shopping for art: if I start crying the minute I see it, I need to own it. So I bought a print of it. I also bought a piece of art for Spencer, but even though he probably knows which one it is I'm not going to put a picture up!

All-in-all it was a pretty fun day. We came home and just crashed. We were so exhausted from walking around all day. We both ached so much and spent the night rubbing aloe on our sunburns. I learned my lesson about parting my bangs to the side when I noticed that I had a sunburn on only half of my forehead. But it was so much fun!