Gecko Greeter

So at the entrance to our apartment complex, there's a guy dressed in a gecko costume (just like this one) who holds a sign advertising move-in deals. He stands there all day waving at cars that pass by. Given that it's July in Utah it can get pretty hot standing out on the concrete all day! Whenever Spence and I drive or walk by him he always waves and he seems pretty nice. So today on my way home I stopped at the coffee shop on the corner and bought him a sprite. I took it out to him and he laughed. He seemed really relieved to have something to drink! So if you're ever driving along 47th and you see the waving gecko man, wave back. He suffers for his paycheck!


Update time!

Not a whole heck of a lot has happened in the last couple months, but I suppose there are a few things worth noting.

Spencer and I bought new bedroom furniture! We were in R C Willey with his parents one day and we were wandering through the as-is section and we found this bedroom set that was a little banged up but absolutely beautiful! Plus it was like $500 or $600 off the original price...So we went home and thought about it and decided the next day we'd go back and try to buy it. So we find a salesperson (you can NEVER find them when you actually want to talk to to them!) and take them back to the as-is department and said we wanted to buy the set. So he says to us, "How bout I give you a new one for the same price." We're like, um that's totally fine with us! So a week later it was delivered: Headboard, footboard, rails, two nightstands, a dresser, and a mirror. Made of nice dark walnut and brushed steel fixtures, and the headboard has leather on it! It's absolutely so beautiful and now our bedroom doesn't look like we just moved out of a dorm room!

For the 4th of July, since Spencer and I didn't have any other plans, we decided to spend the day with his family. Every year on the 4th they go up the canyon to Brighton to the breakfast that the LDS church sponsors up there. Good food, music, people, nice scenery; it's a nice place to be. Especially in the morning before it gets too hot! So we all piled into the car about 7:30 that morning, and headed up to Brighton. We ate breakfast there and then hiked around Silver Lake. It's quite a pretty place to be, and the hike is short and level, which is nice for people like me who have no stamina! After that we went down to the family's cabin, which is just a couple miles down the canyon (if that really). The whole family camped out there for a few hours; we ate hotdogs and potato salad and watermelon. All-in-all we were having a nice time...until some random dog ran down and bit Spencer! The people who owned the next property over didn't have their dog on a leash, and the dog wandered down onto our property and spooked and bit Spencer! He was ok though. Good thing we've all had our shots!