Oh Baby, Baby

Well the other day I went in for a sonogram. That's right, THE sonogram. I was SO excited to be able to learn if it was a boy or a girl. Spence and I have been pulling our hair out waiting. Ok, maybe just me. But I've pulled out enough hair for both of us! This baby has such a little personality already! We had so much fun seeing the baby move around, though it was sleeping when we first saw it.

It was on its side with its back to us. I can't believe how much it's grown since I last saw it! We got a really good view of the body, head and the one arm. It was so cool that since the bones are starting to solidify, we could actually see them!

While we were watching, Baby decided it would be a good time to suck its thumb. I felt so badly waking it up just so I could get some satisfaction.

Yes, apparently I AM going to be one of those mothers who takes pictures of the back of their kids heads. I just thought Baby looked so peaceful.

So we got tired of watching baby sleep at decided we needed to move on to some information gathering. The ultrasound tech guided the probe up underneath Baby's bum, hoping we could get a view of its little parts. Well, of course Baby had its legs all curled up under it, and wasn't gonna have any of us looking. Here's an awesome view of a foot-with all 5 toes!

Finally Baby realized that the only was to get us to leave it alone would be to give us what we wanted. So finally it bent over and kinda did the splits for us...and wouldn't you know it, there was nothing there cause...

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

That's right! My first born is going to be a daughter! I actually started crying I was so thrilled. I was so excited just to find out what it was, but I was really hoping for a girl. The nurse said she looks healthy as can be. My weight gain is right on track and my blood pressure has actually gone down! I just can't believe how much God has watched over this pregnancy. He's just really blessed me with this baby. I put her in His hands and He's taking great care of her! Next up: registering!