Shanushka. Why you no listen me?

So my mom (Shawn) has this friend named Ben who's Ukrainian. He does not understand the concept of a personal filter; he will say whatever he pleases and the idea that he might offend someone never even crosses his mind. This makes for some very entertaining conversations. Here's one they had the other day that I thought was too funny and had to share. (It's much funnier if you picture Ben speaking with a heavy russian accent):

Ben: So. Katya like this husband?

Shawn: yes Ben. That's why she married him.

Ben: Why this boy no come help you clean your house?

Shawn: Because he's very sick Ben.

Ben: Why Katya marry this sick boy? Why no marry healthy boy?

Shawn: Because she loves him. She doesn't care that he's sick.

Ben: well why Katya no come clean your house?

Shawn: Because Katya very sick too Ben.

Ben: This good then. They take care each other.

Shawn: Glad to you know you approve, Ben.

Random Thoughts This Week

I'm super excited. It's a busy week for me!

Yesterday I had my mom over for a surprise. When I was little she had this book called the The Courtship of the Yonghy Bonghy Bo and she absolutely loved it. I did too; I was always asking her to read it to me or to tell me the story again and again. The book got lost during the divorce, and she's been trying for years to find another copy. Well a couple weeks ago I found one! They're impossible to come by because they stopped printing them in 1980 and event then they were only published in Great Britain. But I was able to get ahold of one and on monday it came in the mail. So yesterday I had her over to surprise her with it. I was trying to film her reaction but discovered after the fact that the camera wasn't actually recording...I was totally bummed. But she stillh as her book and she's still happy!

Tonight I get to go pick up my new ring, which I will post pictures of probably tomorrow. I am so excited because I feel so naked without my ring and I just want my ring back!

Tomorrow we finally get our prints of our wedding pictures. There was some problem with the printer so instead of getting them in like three days it's taken like four weeks, but we've been patient and our photographer has been awesomely reassuring, and it's really no big deal. But now I have to go buy frames for them! Haha I don't know if we'll have any wall space left at all after we get these all up!

I'm thinking I might go to the craft store today. Spencer's mom, Lana, gave us a really awesome suggestion. Since my wedding ring was replaced and I'll be wearing a new ring, she suggested I make a shadow box to display the original one. That way even though I won't be wearing it, I can still keep it without storing it in a box under the bed or something. So now I'm all antzy to go to the craft store and get stuff to put it all together. Plus this weekend is my friend Kelsie's birthday party, which is going to be a huge blast at the Tavernacle downtown (Spencer's never been and it's an awesome bar). Plus the Superbowl is this sunday which we're all totally stoked for. It's going to be a busy couple of days!


Thing Do Work Out

So yesterday was a big day, at least emotionally. Spencer and I went to see Underworld, which was absolutely awesome! I completely loved it. We braved through walmart because we had to get some grocery shopping done, but we got it out of the way early because we wanted to get it over with and have the rest of the day to do what we wanted. So after the movie, we went over to Shubachs in the mall to talk to the jeweler there because I heard he might be able to help me with my ring. So he took a look at the ring and told me that the amount of wear and tear on the ring would be normal if I had beenwaring it 15 or 20 years, but not 1. He said that we essentially had three options:

1. reset the stone. It would make the ring wearable but wouldn't do anything to prevent the same thing happening again to that or other stones.
2. retip all the prongs which he said would cost a small fortune
3. replace the ring (they were having a sale)

I thought about having the ring fixed, but here was the problem: each prong costs $12 to retip. There are a total of 160 prongs on the whole ring. That's $1920 to fix the ring, which is a LOT more than what the ring originally cost on its own! So Spencer and I were talking about what to do and what are opions were and what we would be comfortable with, and he BOUGHT ME A NEW RING! He had picked out one that was way huge and cost like $4600 and offered to buy that one for me, but I wouldn't let him. I thought it was SO sweet though. But I found one I really liked and was comfortable with the price. With all the different promotions that were going on we ended up getting the ring for 30% off. It's almost exactly the same as my old one except it's bigger, and there's real diamonds in the center instead of a cz! The setting has a total of 1/2 a carat in diamonds and the center stones equal 3/4 of a carat. And we also bought the lifetime warranty so that if anything goes wrong with it ever, they'll fix it for free! I'm SO excited. It's being sized and I can pick it up on wednesday after work. I can't wait to get my new ring! Here it is:


Ring Update

So I got a call from the jeweler today. I can come pick the ring up tomorrow but the stone hasn't been reset. Apparently all the prongs are insanely worn down and all the stones are hanging on by a thread, so they couldn't put the stone back in. Apparently there needs to be a lot of work done. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I feel so sad, just horribly depressed. Tomorrow I'm going to take the ring into another jeweler I've worked with before and see if he can fix it. If not, I think I might be pretty much screwed and without a wedding ring for a good long time. I wonder why this happened.


Bad Luck

So yesterday Spencer and I had the day off, and I was getting cabin fever a little bit, so I suggested we go to the mall to walk off some pent-up energy. So we get to the mall and I think, well since I'm here I might as well get my rings cleaned. So I drop my rings off at the jeweler to be cleaned and I get them back and I notice that one of the diamonds is gone! So I take it back to the jeweler and point out that the ring was in one piece before they cleaned it and could they please check in their machine to see if the stone is in there. Well they can't find the stone. So they said that since it was their mistake they will replace the stone and fix the ring for free, but they have to send it out to their jeweler, and it will take about a week and a half. So in the meantime, I have no wedding ring! I was so upset, I was just bawling. I still have my wedding band but because of it's funky shape it doesn't really lend itself well to being worn on its own. I was able to find a cheap plastic ring floating around my house and right now I'm wearing that instead, but I just want my ring back! And poor Spencer got to put up with me being hormonal and emotional and acting like the world was ending because my ring broke. I was SO upset! I feel okay now but I just want my ring back. Hopefully this next week will go quickly!


I'm So Proud!

Ok, so for you who haven't known me my whole life and know this story, my mom has some problems finishing things. I won't go into detail, but the last ten years have been very hard on my whole family and many of us are still recovering. I can finally honestly say now that I am "over" the things that happened years ago and fully support the rest of my family in their continued recovery efforts.

My mom has ADD, and along with some other problems this makes it very difficult for her to finish projects as well as interacting with other people. Well people, a breakthrough has been made.


And, not only did she finish it, but it is now up on eBay for all to see! I of course bid, not just because she's my mom but because Spencer and I both happen to love this piece, and I want it for myself! Besides, what better way to support my mother than by buying her first piece of art in this century! My mother is Shawn Mory McMillion; a little before our generation but was quite popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s. She's sold art in 47 states and 11 countries and quite a few celebrities have owned her work, including Diana, Princess of Wales. She is not just one of those people who draws on a paper and calls herself an artist; in fact, a professional. Unfortunately, psychotic breakdowns can get in the way of one's career.

But, I digress. Here is my mother's lovely art for the world to see! Good job mom. I'm so proud of you!



So I got tagged on facebook and the idea is you have to write 20 facts, habits, or goals about yourself that people might not know. I had so much fun with it I decided to make it a blog post! Haha.

1. my middle name is Cory for no other reason than it rhymes with Mory, which is my mom's middle name.

2. If I had been born a boy, my name would have been Zachary Alric Carlson (initials: ZAC).

3. This is the first time in my life I have NOT had a dog. It can get very lonely.

4. I'm very emotionally dependent on other people. If I don't have the approval of everyone around me I completely break down. This tends to get in the way of things. I'm working on that one.

5. When I'm at home, I'm happy, confident, secure, all that good stuff. As soon as I leave the house, my self esteem drops and I become miserable and all-around useless. I don't get it.

6. Someday I want to own my own bakery. I don't know how this is going to happen. I'm kinda sorta hoping things will just fall into place. But until then, I'm comfortable where I am.

7. I'm addicted to Harvest Moon video games. I don't know what's so satisfying about virtual farming, but I just can't give it up.

8. I have to watch Judge Judy every day after work. If I don't, then I just can't unction for the evening.

9. Anything can give me a nightmare. Give me the most innocent, cute thing in the world and my subconscious will find a way to make it terrifying.

10. my full maiden name means "pure hill of Carl."

11. I am a compulsive shopper and a big believer in retail therapy. When I'm depressed, I can't leave the house because if I do I'll spend way too much money.

12. talk to me while I'm watching House and you might as well be talking to the wall.

13. I think I'm much prettier than I actually am. It's really funny, I picture myself one way in my head and I'll see a picture of me and be like, "That's not me. That girl's way uglier than me." people think I'm being self-depricating but I think it's the funniest damn thing.

14. I LOVE hospitals. I have no idea why. I love being inside hospitals.

15. I just don't get how people can live without having a dog. I'm sorry, I'm not being mean, I just don't get it.

16. I absolutely believe that animals are smarter than we think they are. Just ecause they don't speak english doesn't mean they can't understand what we're saying.

17. You know those Cadbury chocolate eggs that come out around Easter? The ones with the crispy shell? I buy those in bulk. I can't get enough of them.

18. I am very slowly learning that it's ok if I don't do something perfect the first time.

19. I would rather squint and give myself a headache than wear my glasses. I just on't like them. I get headaches a lot.

20. I love reading books about animals, like Alex & Me, You Are A Dog, and things like that.


Happy New Year!

SO for new year's eve Spencer and I went to my good friend Amanda's for a new years party. It was so much fun, there was a great group of people there. We played some really fun group games; Spence and I actually won a game of SceneIt playing up against Kelsie and Amanda! It was sheer luck, I swear. We rang in the new years with martinis and wine (well, I did. Spencer was driving) then drove home. Between being up early for work that morning; staying up til 2; and the alcohol, I was beat! I got home and just crashed. We didn't wake up til like 10 this morning and didn't get out of bed til noon. It was wonderful. Then we wandered our way downtown to see the Bodyworlds exhibit (I bought us tickets for a Christmas present). It was AWESOME! It was absolutely amazing and I think that if you have the chance everyone should go before the exhibit closes. They had some absolutely fascinating things there and I learned a lot of new, amazing stuff! Did you know that when a woman's pregnant, she actually grows additional mammary glands and ducts? Who knew! There's so many amazing things about the body I didn't know!

Me looking gorgeous with my pomegranite martini.

Spencer and I: officially the Cutest Couple Ever.

Outside the Bodyworlds exhibit. Unfortunately, they didn't allow photography inside.

On the way home Spencer took me to Iceberg for dinner (I'm addicted to their chicken, it's amazing) and then we came home. It was a great day and we still have the whole weekend ahead of us!