I guess it's time I blogged...

It's been a CRAZY couple of months! Spencer and I have been working non-stop; in general but also on this house. It's really coming along! We have all the common areas completely done; painted, curtained, decorated, everything. We're still finishing the bedroom and the office but with the bulk of the house done, we're feeling pretty good about it. Next month we'll start working on the yard. We have a whole landscape planned out and the yard is pretty torn up as it is so it's gonna be a lot of work. But when we're finished with this place, damn it's gonna look awesome! I'll be posting some pictures soon. As soon as I take them...

Bowser is doing great! He's getting so big and if it's even possible he's cuter now than when we got him. Bulldogs seem to work in reverse: the older they get, the cuter they get. We're teaching him stupid pet tricks. He can spin and high five and jump. He knows how to sit and he knows to sit by the back door and bark when he needs to go out. His housetraining is coming along great. I don't even remember the last time he had an accident in the house! He's really good about holding it until we let him out. I took him to the dog park yesterday and he had a GREAT time! He loved playing with all the other dogs and he actually loved playing with all the people more! It's so funny to watch him sleep. He rarely curls up in his bed. Usually he'll sleep with his butt in the bed and his head on the floor. He's very particular about what he lies on. He refuses to put his butt on anything that's not soft. If we tell him to sit, he'll go find a rug or a towel or a laundry pile and sit there. :)

The craziest thing happened the other day. My boss actually came to me and offerred me a promotion! This is really cool cause usually when positions become available you have to apply and interview and compete like everyone else. But my boss came to me and said this position was open and if I wanted it, it's mine. I was shocked! And, quite frankly, kind of flattered. It's not like a full step up from what I'm doing now. It's full-time hours with benefits but no retirement, and it's guaranteed for five years. And I can apply for other jobs and move in that, but at the end of that time the position won't exist anymore. I'm happy though. We'll have double coverage on our medical insurance now and I'll be getting a raise too. And it was offered to me. So I'm considering it a promotion. :)

I went to a rheumatologist awhile ago and it turns out I have something called psoriatic arthritis. It's actually an autoimmune disorder where the body things that tissue in the joints is dead and order more tissue to be produced even though there is healthy tissue there. It results in a a buildup of tissue in the joints which causes the pain, swelling and inflammation. The way they treat it is actually by prescribing and immuno-suppressant, which causes the body to stop sending those signals to the joints, but also decreases its ability to fight off infections in general. Unfortunately they can't engineer pills to only work on a specific area of the body (yet) so I have to live with it. I've been lucky so far that I haven't picked up anything too bad, but now I have a cold! Let's hope it doesn't latch on too bad!

Well Spencer and I are going to Wendover this weekend with some of our coworkers. I think we're gonna have a great time. I'm really looking forward to just kicking back for the weekend, relaxing, and maybe having a couple drinks. See you all next week!