New Member of the Family!

Ladies and Gentleman, if I may present to you, a one Mr. Bowser Miller!

We have a new addition to the family! His name is Bowser, and he's a 7-week-old english bulldog. He's gorgeous! I'm pretty sure God marked him just for me; there's thumbprint on his head! I've waited so long for this little boy. I've been dying since Spencer and I got married because it's the first time in my life I've ever lived without a dog. It was a very hard adjustment for me. And I've wanted an english bulldog for a long time. But good puppies are hard to come by, and generally very expensive. Natural ties rarely happen with bulldogs so you generally need artificial insemination; c-sections are almost always required, and the average litter size is about 3-4 puppies. So puppies are generally pretty expensive. Plus I insisted on getting a puppy from good lines. I don't plan on breeding or showing him, but a puppy with good breeding is going to have a better temperment, plus fewer health problems in the long run, so they'll live longer. My mom always said when I was growing up, "don't trade what you want now for what you want most." I've been dying for a puppy. But I knew that if I compromised and just got the first puppy I saw, I would end up regretting it. So I've been biding my time and waiting for the right puppy to come along. And I absolutely believe that the Holy Spirit led me to this little boy. I had had a bad day last wednesday, and for some stress relief I was on the Humane Society's website looking at adoption listings. They had some cute dogs on there but noone was jumping out at me. Now I never, EVER check KSL, because there are SO many bulldog puppy scams on there and I've already had my heart broken once. But that day, something was just compelling me to check KSL. So I got on their puppy ads and searched for english bulldogs. This gal's ad was the first one to pop up. I immediately recognized the name Dr Pew, who is the puppy's vet. Dr Pew is an AKC judge and the leading specialist on english bulldogs in the region. He is THE BEST. So I know my puppy's got a great vet and that he's well taken care of. Second, the puppy is AKC registered. He probably won't end up being show quality, but I don't mind. He has great show lines and no history of any major health problems in his family. We went down to Eagle Mountain on saturday to meet the puppy and the breeder. We also met the puppy's mom, who's name is Jazz. She's is such a lover! She didn't care that she didn't know who we were and that we were in her house, she just saw us as more people to pay attention to her! This little boy is SO laid back. He's super mellow and quiet. And he gives hugs! I picked him up and he wrapped his paws around my neck. He's so sweet! He gets so fiesty when he's playing though! He growls, then lies down and sticks his butt up in the air, and then instead of running he bounces. It's so freaking cute. And because his legs are so short, he's kinda awkward. It's so adorable! This weekend we're going to take a picture of the three of us and it will go on our Christmas cards for this year. I'm so happy to have a dog again!