We're Homeowners!

Well, it's official! Spencer and I bought our first home! We closed last week and we've moved in, but we're still trying to unpack everything! The progess is slow going because we didn't have time to get the house ready before we moved, so we have to pull all the boxes away from one wall, paint that wall, move the boxes back, paint another wall. It's frustrating and progress is slow but it's continuous. It slowed down more when we got the puppy but we're all getting pretty well adjusted now so we've been able to get back into a routine. I'll be posting pictures as rooms are finished and everyone can have a virtual tour of our home! This first picture up here in the picture we're going to use for our Christmas card this year. We decided to take the picture in front of our fireplace cause we really like the natural rock background. And of course, Bowser had to have a little Santa hat, cause he's my Christmas present!

Bowser has been adjusting pretty well. He only cries in his crate if we're not in the room with him (like if we're leaving for work or eating dinner or something), and even then he'll only cry for a couple minutes and then fall asleep. If we're in the room with him, like when we go to bed, he doesn't cry at all. He only whines at night if he needs to go outside, and when we take him outside he does his business promptly and we can go back to bed! We do have to get up a couple times during the night to take him out, but as he gets older he'll gain more control over his functions and he'll be able to hold it til morning. I just wish it weren't so freaking cold out! That's the main problem I have with it! He loves our arm chair. LOVES it. But he's too small to get up on his own, so he'll sit in front of it and growl at it until someone comes and lifts him up. Then when he wants to get down, he growls at the floor until we let him off. He loves his kong (which we fill with peanut butter) and I got him a stuffed cow to chew on and he really enjoys that. We love having him in our little family. He has such a great personality and is so much fun to play with. He'll put ALL of his energy into playing and will just be the most energetic little thing, and then he'll just crash and nothing will wake him up. We just adore him!