Setbacks in School

Well this is just lovely. Lately I've really been excited for school. I've been really feeling like I'm on the right path and I've been just thrilled about the opportunity to be back in school and looking forward so much to fall semester. But life has placed a bit of a bump in the road as far as school goes. Last semester I had a really hard time and ended up having to medically withdraw from my classes and petition for a refund. I didn't realize that petitioning for a refund would mess with my student loans completely. My petition was approved, so the school had to pay back the federal government for my student loans. Now the school wants me to pay them back for my student loans. And they've placed a hold on my school account until I do it. I'm prevented from registering for classes for Fall semester until I pay the school over $1600. I am completely devastated. It's obviously going to be really difficult to manage. But the idea of anything standing between me and school is just crushing.



Evelyn was sitting on Spencer's lap the other day and she leaned over and pulled a book off the bookshelf. The book she had chosen is called Run: 26.2 stories of Bilsters and Bliss. It was given to Spencer as a birthday gift by his brother Jeremy who runs marathons and ultra marathons (50 miles and longer). It's a book about running and at the same time not; overcoming challenges in general and the satisfaction that brings. What was significant was that when Evelyn opened it Spencer noticed for the first time that not only was it signed by the author, but it was made out TO Spencer with the inscription "Never be afraid to give up good to go for great."

Those words have been stuck in my head for days. It also makes me think of something I read on Pinterest the other day: You can't spell 'challenge' without 'change'" Those two sayings combined make me think of a trapeze artist. She must let go of the first bar and for a split second hang free in the air, and experience the fear of falling, before she can grab on to the next one. I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I've just let go of that first bar. For a minute I thought I was going to fall. But that second bar is in sight. I'm flying through the air but I'm in prime position to grab on tight.


Mother's Day

Our Mother's Day celebration was really more of a Mother's Weekend. Lots of mom's in our family! On Saturday, I took my mom out to lunch at Buca di Beppo. We had a reservation at the chef's table. Mom had saltimboca and I had the prosciutto-stuffed chicken. And we both had a lot of tiramisu! That afternoon Spence took me on a little mini shopping spree to Sephora so I could get some new make up. So much fun! On Sunday Spencer, Evelyn and I went out to breakfast with my dad and his girlfriend Sue. The restaurant was busy but it was a lovely breakfast. Then we came home and a nice quiet afternoon. That evening we went over to Spencer's parents house for a buffet-style dinner and lots of desserts! Kevin (Spencer's dad) is completely wrapped around Evie's finger and loves playing wither her. They had so much fun together.

Monday was my big day though. We couldn't get dinner reservations anywhere on sunday so we agreed to go out on monday instead. We got all dressed up and Spence took me out to dinner and I didn't know where we were going until we got there: Flemings Steakhouse! I LOVE Flemings! It was incredible. They gave us parmesan garlic bread with a chardonnay-infused feta cheese spread. Then to start Spencer had fried pork belly with cherry compote and goat cheese grits (I tried it, it was delish!) and I had a roast beet salad with whipped chèvre and arugula with a pistachio vinaigrette. Then came the main course. I was so excited I don't even remember what Spencer ordered! I got a mango mojito (Since Spencer was driving) and a tea and orange infused filet mignon. YUM! oh it was just superb! and for dessert we shared a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. Simple, but stunning. After dinner we went on a drive and ended up at Sugarhouse park. We parked on top of the hill just in time to watch the sun go down. It was an incredible sunset. Just for us. I felt so loved and so appreciated. It was wonderful.


Fun Times and The Dentist

We've been having some fun times over here at the Miller house. Last week we went on a picnic with Spencer's parents up at Sugarhouse park. Evelyn got a new little pink chair from Grandma Lana, which she loved. Grandpa Kevin played peek-a-boo with Evelyn during dinner, and afterward we all took turns taking her down the slide. And she even made some new friends! She had so much fun!

Evelyn had her first visit with the dentist the other day. We got to hear a horror story about a one-year-old with four teeth and cavities in all four teeth! Thank God that's not the case here! Evelyn has six teeth and the dentist says they all look great! She was so good for the dentist. There was a monster with teeth and I showed her how to brush the monster's teeth and then she brushed the monster's teeth. She was so good!