The Learning Process

At the beginning of this year, I found myself extremely intimidated by the classes I have to take. I was looking at them not as greater opportunities for learning and growing as an artist, but as roadblocks: boundaries between me and what I really want most. These classes are required for all art students in the first year of the program no matter what your emphasis is, and they're designed to give you a VERY general overview of arts and art history.

I have never considered myself very good at drawing. I have always thought of there being this disconnect between my brain and my hand and what I see in my mind just doesn't come out on paper.

I assumed* that my 2D studio would be a year of show up, draw this, and you'd better be good at it. It never occurred to me that they might actually TEACH me to draw along the way.

My 3D studio intimidates me the most. I have almost no experience working in sculpture, and I will admit, fairly little interest in it. I have few ideas for things to build and even fewer ideas on how to build them. But I realized something the other day. I don't have to get through this whole year in one big block of time. Just one day at a time. And anyone can make it through three hours of playing with a hot glue gun.

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Marcus and Cami said...

This is awesome! If you want a good read try Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It explains that anyone can draw- it's just a matter of training your brain to "see" in the right way- the artist way! :D You are a wonderful artist!