Birthdays and Back to School

Lots of people in the Miller family had birthdays this month! Mine came first, on the 13th; I turned 26! After a few days it kinda hit me and I got scared. 26 is getting close to 30, and by 30 I REALLY need to have my shit together! I feel like I'm still completely irresponsible and scattered, even though I take care of a house and a child (not to mention the husband…lol). Anyway, Spencer cooked me a lovely breakfast and took care of Evie all day so I could just lie around and do whatever I wanted. It was better than Mother's day! When E was napping Spence and played video games together (such childish fun) and then Spencer made me dinner (spaghetti and meatballs-yum!). For presents I got a miniature Dalek figurine (EXTERMINATE!), a nice bottle of wine, a book I've really been wanting (it's about being a mother, see below for laughs), and get this: a starter collection of vintage cameras! SO exciting! I'm really starting to feel like a photographer now! I also got a haircut, a gift from my dad and to myself; it was time for a change for lots of reasons. Spencer got me an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins with chocolate cake and coffee ice cream-my favorite!

Spencer's birthday is a week after mine, and I tried to make it nice for him. I made eggs benedict for breakfast-it takes about an hour to make and is very labor intensive. It's one of his favorite things to eat but this is only the second time I've made it because it's so difficult! I made a chocolate cake from scratch and we had ice cream to go with. Spencer actually shares a birthday with my mom so we celebrated both birthdays that day, and I had a lot of work to do to make both of them feel special! That afternoon we all went out to lunch with Spencer's parents at Zupa's. LOVE that place! Spencer's parents gave me their present to me, a cookbook featuring classic Irish Pub recipes! I love it! Whiskey and honey glazed carrots? Yes please! And I can appreciate it as a(n) (aspiring) photographer because there are many beautiful pictures of the Irish countryside in it. Someday I will go there. It's on my bucket list.

Monday was my first day back at school, and my first day as a student in the art program. It was wonderful. I really felt different, like I was where I was supposed to be. A few days ago I had a dream about the first day of school. I dreamt I went to the wrong class, chemistry of all places. It wasn't until the class ended that I realized I wasn't supposed to be there, but it ended with enough time for me to make it to the correct class on time. When I told Spencer about the dream, he told me it was a good metaphor for my life. I started at the U in the Biology/pre-pharm program, but I was miserable. I was doing it because I thought it was the kind of thing people would expect me to do. But it wasn't what I wanted. But I discovered what I wanted with enough time in my life to go for it. It's not too late to go for what will make me happy. It's never too late.

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